Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"I Do" Want to Get Organized!

Congrats to all the couples out there!  With "I do" can come clutter, merging households and, most importantly, a great opportunity to create the home you want to share with your love. 

Good news! Last year I was invited to comment on how best to freshen up your home, particularly in the context of being newlyweds. These days plenty of people live together before getting married, but sometimes it takes getting hitched to jump into action.  Check out my DIY tips within the article to add some coziness to your home.

Long Island Bride & Groom quotes some of my ideas in an article in their February 2014 print issue. I thought it was fitting to post during the month of love. 

A digital version of the entire issue is available for free here. The article is entitled 'Create a Home Fit for a Newlywed' and can be found on pages 104-105. Additionally, a PDF of the article is available to download here.

So, if this little post has put you in the mood... check out 



Katrina Teeple

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