Operation Organization is made up of a dynamic, talented group of committed and organized individuals. Some of us have known each other for years.  I would say it is pretty clear from our group photo, that we are a tightly knit family of professionals that love to work hard for our clients, while having fun!

Meiako Allen, Organizational Expert
We’re proud to introduce, Meiako (Me-A-Ko).  As a former Project Manager of a high-end garage redesign firm, Meiako brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Operation Organization.  Looking to clean out your closet and tailor your wardrobe to suit your unique style?  Meiako’s your gal.  Ready to finally park your car in the garage?  She can handle that, too!  Her bright yet calm demeanor will guide you through the jumble of disorganization, helping you change your habits and create the space for living with optimal efficiency.
Don’t be fooled, though!  Meiako’s organizational skills are not limited to just the garage and closet.  Whether it’s looking at a space and seeing how a few changes can improve the design aesthetic, or helping ease your anxiety when tackling a desk full of paper, Meiako will help you effortlessly transition from chaos to clarity.

Jenelle Kunz, Organizational Expert
Jenelle has a background in retail design and merchandising that gives her an edge when it comes to aesthetics and function.  Additionally, her experience as a personal stylist helps her clientele feel confidence when it comes to de-cluttering their closets.  If you don't have a place for your shoe collection or purses, Jenelle will create a solution!  Attention to detail and being precise comes naturally for Jenelle.  As a ballet dancer and instructor, Jenelle knows the importance of placement, the need for clean lines and a clutter free lifestyle.  She has a knack for listening and getting to the very root of what can improve your home or office.  Coming from a large family, Jenelle is naturally skilled in communication and teamwork, and her enthusiasm and dedication bring cohesive style and innovative ideas to each project.

Amie Judd, Organizational Expert
You’ll instantly feel at ease when working with our organizational expert Amie.  As a southern California native, Amie is great at matching your personality type to your organizational learning style.  Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Amie will jump right in and you’ll soon be creating order alongside her in no time.  Her approach is based on efficiency and problem solving and creating solutions so that you’ll be able to maintain your newly organized space on your own. 
Always up to date on the latest organizational trends and social networking, Amie will help you stay current with all your organizational needs.  She’s also budget conscious (but not a stranger to luxury), so Amie will help seek out that perfect piece you’re looking for, from stylish filing supplies to a hat hook that matches your d├ęcor or functional furniture that allows you to utilize your space more effectively.  Amie is a competent go getter, arranging for large item pickups, taking care of donation drops, and overseeing shelving installations in your closets; she’ll quite simply make sure that every loose end is tied up for your organizational project.

Anna Kokuashvili, Executive Assistant
As Executive Assistant at Operation Organization, Anna is no stranger to managing projects and tasks. Anna previously juggled the needs of attorneys at a fast paced law office, practicing her ninja/Zen tactics of putting out fires with a smile.  Anna is a ferocious typist with the proof to show for it, and has even completed her paralegal certification in her spare time!  Anna now runs a tight ship at our office, keeping all the parts of Operation Organization functioning smoothly, while ensuring clients’ needs are met.  She provides the essential communication link between our organizers, clients, and the office.
While our organizers are out clearing clutter, Anna is busy manning the office, ready to answer any questions you may have.  Providing relief for our Founder & CEO, support for clients, and communication amongst the entire staff, Anna is, very simply, the backbone of our operation.  Her quick wit, no nonsense approach, and eye for detail makes her the perfect fit for our team. Anna is a life-long learner, who seeks to find solutions to any organizational dilemma you may have. 


Joe Benton, Construction Specialist
Joe has been part of the Operation Organization team since 2006 and is a genuine "Southern Boy"!  Joe grew up flipping houses with his father before flipping houses was "in".  Because of this, Joe has experience in everything from building custom shelving to switching out lighting fixtures and painting a room that perfect new shade.  He also assists on projects that require furniture moving or even dropping off donations at the Goodwill.  Joe is also a valued contributor to the team’s organization efforts.  His lightheartedness and ability to laugh combined with his ability to stay focused always keeps the overwhelm at bay when dealing with a big mess, plus you are guaranteed to laugh around him!  On his days off, you can find Joe watching football or riding his Harley.  (And yes ladies, he's single!)

Rupert Sevene, Construction Specialist
If you have been dreaming of a custom closet that will accommodate your shoe obsession or an office space that will kick your cluttered ways, Rupert is your guy!  Rupert is – very simply – Operation Organization’s Swiss Army knife.  He comes prepared for almost every imaginable contingency and always has an “Available Resources First” attitude when it comes to repurposing existing wood (really makes a difference in the “Green” aspect of our business when you think about it!)  He’s worked on quite a few high-end endeavors, so whether you want to add some extra shelving that matches a particular wood stain or perhaps build custom storage for a playroom or home office, Rupert is our ace-in-the-hole for your ideal solution.

Phil Teeple, Marketing Consultant
Phil is sometimes referred to as Katrina’s “better half."  He holds his own full-time position in marketing outside of Operation Organization, however he lends support generously in everything from HR to promotion.  Phil’s expertise lies in logistics coordination and event management, so he brings a ton of input to the team.  This combined with the years of marketing expertise he has gained in the automotive industry has made him an invaluable asset to the enterprise. One of the question he frequently gets is, “Are you as organized as Katrina?” to which he answers "I am a close second.  I have to be organized to be married to an Organizational Expert right?”

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