Saturday, December 19, 2015

You Can Become Organized!

Being organized isn’t just a physical process, it’s also a psychological process and it brings psychological benefits. When your home is clutter-free, your brain will feel clutter-free. You’ll find it easier to relax when things are always in their place and you are living with less. Want to feel better about your life? Then it’s time to get organized! Before you start, read through the common mistakes and misconceptions you may be making. You will find my simple tips helpful in getting you back on track. 

Misconception: You’re either naturally organized or naturally disorganized. 

While not all of us were born with a label maker in hand, nearly all of us have the ability to become better organized. You can be taught! And even better: you can teach yourself to keep up easy habits that will turn you into an organized person. Don’t tell yourself that there’s no hope for you, because there is! All it takes is a shift in attitude, some research, and a bit of new habit-forming.
Misconception: I’ll do it later.

Being organized saves time in the long run. Don’t procrastinate. Schedule a time for each organizing project you want to accomplish; breaking each goal down into realistic expectations within a set time. Use a calendar, make appointments with yourself, and then actually show up to your own appointment!

Misconception: I can organize my entire home this weekend!

If you try to accomplish an organizing revolution in your entire home during one weekend, you’ll find that you have to abandon it midway through due to burn out. This will cause feelings of disappointment, failure, and frustration. Of course you won’t want to organize your home if past attempts have made you feel disappointed and frustrated. 

Instead of tackling everything at once, break the job down. Identify smaller tasks that you can accomplish in the time you’ve got, like organizing your medicine cabinet or refrigerator for an hour. Each small success will build your confidence and make you excited about getting more spaces organized. This will contribute to your motivation and therefore your success. It will spark ideas of what you could organize next: your purse, your pantry, even your desk.

Focus on cultivating small organizational successes so that each new project is an exciting opportunity, not something you dread or fear. You want to give yourself achievable goals so you get a sense of accomplishment from organizing. Don’t over-do it at first and push yourself or your partner too hard. You’ll find a balance that is satisfying, saves time and energy in the long run, and makes your home look beautiful and feel like the calming haven you want it to be.

Remember you can do this! It is all just learned behavior.

-Katrina Teeple

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